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We are looking for a marketing manager who doesn't take titles too seriously. We could also call this role the CMO, the Head of marketing. But we don’t care much for titles, we care for great ideas and stellar results and a well connected startup community.

We are looking for someone who could be the butter to our bread and the jazz in our communication :)

If you have a great track record in branding and digital marketing, have an analytical mindset but can also write mind blowing copy in English, if you are a fierceful DOer and interested in working in an environment where no two days are alike, than we would love to hear from you!

The marketing manager will handle all of the marcom verticals for both Global Startup Awards and Central European Startup Awards.


Experience (must)

  • Developing brand and communication strategy

  • Proficiency and hands on experience in digital marketing and social media

  • Content creation in English

  • Experience with marketing production (you are up to date with Facebook picture sizes, are able to advise or create the content to fit for desktop and mobile, know how to run a print production and check the quality)

  • Graphic creation (in Photoshop)

  • CMS systems

  • Marketing automatization

  • Analytics (translated into tactical steps to improve reach and sales)


Experience (nice to have, but if it's just a heavy interest, that would also do)

  • Basic HTML (for website update and email marketing)

  • Email marketing (segmentation, database management, badass writing skills in translating a LOT of content to a SMALL email that people open and read and react to it)

  • Event management experience (creating meetups, making sure people know about it and show up and what needs to be done to give them a great experience)

  • You worked before in a fast paced startup environment

  • Worked on global project before


What you’ll get

  • Freedom to grow and do amazing things that you can be proud of

  • Agile and inclusive environment to foster your ideas and personal growth

  • A real chance to make an impact on a global level

  • Travelling to cool places and meeting the créme de la créme of the local startup ecosystems

  • Great workmates (no, seriously)

  • Downtown office with a view

  • Flexible holiday plan


What you’ll do

  • Global Startup Awards marketing framework and Central European Startup Awards marcom verticals

  • In short, our marketing in general

  • Our brand strategy, with aligning the tone of voice and design system to an already existing brand

  • Communication strategy aligned to all platforms

  • Lead and execute our content creation (writing posts and tweets, event descriptions, blog posts, video scripts, interview questions, PR materials, presentations, email templates etc.)

  • Manage our website and social media channels

  • Setup, run and analyze our social media and PPC campaigns

  • Event management (we have small events of 50 people to a red-carpet event of 400+)

  • Email marketing

  • Research our market and influencer, approach them, keep in contact with them and engage them

  • Handle our PR on an international level (write releases, handle and extend our PR database and follow up on our media presence)

  • Keep in contact with our partners

  • Keep in contact with agencies, freelancers

  • Constantly come up with ideas on how to improve our communication and campaigns.

We don't do it yet but we should? Awesome, we trust you on it to make it happen


Personality traits/ who you are

  • Outgoing, perky with a big smile

  • Able to think in complexity and handle a lot of various tasks at once

  • Good at balancing stress and deadlines

  • Create solutions, not problems

  • If something doesn’t work you change it, if something works, you make it better

  • Work on your own, create your own tasks and make sure they are delivered by the highest standards

  • Ask for help when help is needed

  • Have a good eye on design and never let a pixel go loose or a typo ruin a post

  • We are international and open minded. You are too, in your work and in your personal affairs within the team


Language preferences

English: advanced, active

Hungarian: nice to have, but not mandatory

Decent tech jargon (you know what a VC is, why blockchain is so important and are able to make a difference between java and js)

Location: Budapest, Hungary


What’s next

If you are interested, please connect with us through and add GSA marketing manager in the subject line.

Send us your resume, Linkedin profile or any other medium where we can get to know you a bit better and tell us in a very short pitch, why you got excited about this position :)


About us

We are celebrating awesome people since 2012.

The Global Startup Awards provides an annual spotlight on startups and their ecosystem in 50+ countries across the globe in regions like the Nordics, Central Europe, South-East Asia, India, South Africa and more regions to come in the forthcoming years.

Each individual regional award places a heavy focus on unearthing and celebrating the very best from within their respective ecosystems & connecting each of the countries to create a stronger united network on entrepreneurs.

The awards stand to represent the entire startup and tech community - from the startups themselves, through to the people behind them, and the organisations that work alongside these visionaries to make great things possible.


Some of our previous winners that we are very proud of include Supercell, Zendesk, Endomondo, UXPin, Runtastic, Rainmaking Loft, Imagga