maybank power panels
dec 9th


A special gathering of panels and keynotes that look across topics that span the entire entrepreneur ecosystem with a rare collection of major startup ecosystem players from the US, Nordics, South East Asia and Central Europe, to discuss and take learnings from the different corners of the globe.

Panels are 35mins + 10min Q&A

Keynotes are 20mins +10min Q&A


Each panel / keynote will try to answer:

  • How does this subject differ in your region?
  • What is the most disruptive change in the industry over the past 5 years?
  • What are the current hot topics?

Preliminary Program:

09:30 - Open & intro 

09:45 - Panel 1: The importance of startup ecosystem

10:30 - Panel 2: The reality of social enterprise

11:15 - Keynote 1: Why diversity in the workplace is doable

11:45 -12:30 - LUNCH / BREAK

12:30 - Panel 3: The changing investment landscape

13:15 - Panel 4: The facilitation of entrepreneurship through co-working

14:00 - Keynote 2: Recruiting for the jobs of the future

14:30 - Keynote 3: Creating ecosystems one city at a time

15:00 - Keynote 4: My biggest failures, regrets and exits

15:30 - CLOSE


PANEL - The importance of startup ecosystems

Moderated by: James Digby, Founding partner @GSA

Ashran Dato Ghazi, CEO MaGIC  

Maciek Laskus, Founder Startup Safary

Kim Balle, Founding partner @GSA


- Should ecosystems be managed? 

- How do the ecosystems impact society?

- Should there be someone in the business of managing ecosystems?

     - Should it be a top down or bottom up approach


PANEL - Social Enterprise

Moderated by: Lilyana Latiff, Executive Chairperson @MYNEF

Alina Călin CEO @Mira Rehab

Ingi Rafn Sigurdsson CEO @Karolina Fund

Ken Chua CEO @Theseabilities


- What makes a social enterprise?

     - Does one “good” outweigh another?

- How has the social enterprise ecosystem changed in the past few years?

- How much does making money mean to you as a business?


PANEL - Investments  

Moderated by: Representative from Maybank Innovation

Representative from Northzone, Sweden

Representative from SpeedInvest, Austria

Representative from 500 startups

Representative from local MY ecosystem


- Why is there a trend in cross border investments?

- How easy is it to manage a “remote” investment?

- What can be done to better investments from an early stage?

- How should startups approach for funding?

- What are they key indicators of a great startup for you?


PANEL - Co-working spaces

Moderated by: Peter Kovacs, Founding partner @GSA

Topic: How to facilitate the magic of entrepreneurs

Kata Klementz, CEO @L’office; Budapest, Hungary

Kristian Justensen, CEO @Rainmaking Loft; Copenhagen, Denmark

Amarit Charoenphan, Founder @Hubba; Bangkok, Thailand


- What role does a co-working space play in the ecosystem?

- What makes for a great co-working space?

- How does co-working look in 10 years time?


Masterclass keynotes - 20 mins each + 10 min Q&A

Creating ecosystems one city at a time

Maciek - Founder of Startup Safary


Recruiting for the jobs of the future

Peter Kovacs - Founder xLabs Hungary


Why diversity in the workplace need not be a myth

Simon Anquetil - Exec chairman Tech Pilot Fund


My biggest failures, regrets and exits

Nikolas Zennstrom - Atomico investments & founder of Skype