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+ What is the deadline for filling out the application form?

Asean Ricebowl Startup Awards 16th August

Central European Startup Awards 16th August

EuroAsian Startup Awards 29th July

Nordic Startup Awards 30th August

Southern Africa Startup Awards 9th August

Global Startup Awards SAARC 13th September

South Europe Startup Awards 13th September

+ I’ve been nominated, which is great! However, the category is not the best fit for me/my company.

Global Startup Awards Headquarters are not directly nominating the participants, it might happen from time to time that some nominations are a bit far from your reality. If you feel that the nomination is not really reflecting your current status, you are also free to nominate yourself, as our premise is that anyone can nominate anyone, anywhere.

+ Could you tell me who nominated us?

In Global Startup Awards, when we open up the nomination phase, anyone can nominate anyone, in any category. Due to GDPR, we do not track who is nominating who, but also, nominated companies/individuals will NOT take part in the competition unless they clearly and proactively say so. All data from people who don't agree in participating will not even be stored in our systems.

+ May I have some more information about the competition process?

You have been nominated to participate in the National Level, first. After the nominations are closed, there will be a shortlisting (it's like semi-finals) and then, the Finals (where the Jury board members will analyze the profiles and select the winners). We have a very nice video explaining the process. You can find it HERE. Or you can also visit our Global Startup Awards page and check the "How it works" page.

In case you are willing to join, the benefits are: it’s completely free of charge, we never offer anything to sell to our nominees or winners, no stupid hidden costs or anything like that We never sell your data, ever We run the competition already in 63 countries of 3 continents (and we’re growing), having categories for startups, investors, corporate programs, founders, coworking offices, software development agencies, digital nomads and many more. Our goal is to find, recognize and connect the ones who shape the future and connect them with each other, we have invite only events for our winners (completely free to attend) where the winners can develop business relationships with each other. We also collect tons of services, tickets for conferences and other cool things from prize sponsors for our winners We have a great outreach, we always make a lot of noise for our winners so they will be featured in different medias We are an independent organization, based in Budapest and Copenhagen, no investors behind us, no corporates own us - we make our own decisions and the transparency of the competition is our most important value.

+ Can you change the email address for my nomination?

Unfortunately, you can't change the email address of the entry point of nomination, cause that is cornerstone information for the platform. However, the issue is easy to solve: You just need to go to our website and nominate the right person, yourself. It's really quick, then you will be able to fill in the information, and the other nominations will be ignored.

+ Do I need to fill out ALL the forms?

When you’re nominated in more than one category, you’ll need to fill out all of the questionnaires in order to participate in the competition in the given category. Unfortunately, as of now, our system is not capable of copy-paste the data from one form to the other. We apologize for the inconvenience - will work on improvement for the next season!

+ Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to ask us!

If you didn’t find the answer you’ve been looking for, don’t hesitate to drop us an email, and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as we can!

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Global Startup Awards SAARC:

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